We know love taking pics. Who doesn’t? But do you know that you can sell your photos for real money?

The reach of technology and the internet is growing at an unbelievable rate. Each day at least thousand of peoples joining the internet for the first time. All business coming online. Millions of products are sold every day online.

Unlike the past now user spends most of there time online. Either working or just surfing the internet or hanging with friends on social media.

Since all the customers are online, business is online then why should anyone advertise offline.

Every year businesses are spending billions of dollar on online advertisement.

With the rise of online advertisement and promotion, the need for new fresh media also rises.

Media Such as pictures and videos are on high demand. Business is always looking for new contents. And they pay good money for this.

There are many photographers who are good money selling their photos online. It is better than working for someone. you don’t have to take orders, follow routines or wait for the month to end to get paid.

You can sell anytime and from anywhere.

There are a lot of places where you can sell your picture. But it is very hard to sell a picture online unless you are very very popular. or you know where to sell.

Yes, if you know where to sell then even as a newbie or amateur photographer you can make a good number of sell. And earn a decent income.

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Why you should sell your photos on PhotoJobz?

Photojobz is the best place where you can sell your pics. They help you to make your first sell to the last one. Just upload your best pics and done. Photojobz will take care of the rest. They have a great network that covers millions of potential buyers.

After you upload a picture Photojobz makes it available to millions of potential buyers that need them for websites, catalogues, books, magazines, ads, and a variety of other uses.

But Photojobz is not free.

Wait, what you need to pay for it?

Yes, you do.

Unlike other free services where you may or may not make a sell. PhotoJobz gives you guarantee that you will make a sell if not they will refund. If you are still not satisfied. Then here I have a great offer for you, try PhotoJobz for 5 days for just $1. After that, if you like them then continue otherwise they will refund your money.

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Well, it’s just one dollar. You may not buy a snack with a dollar but here for a dollar, you are getting the chance to start a new career.


Frequently Asked Question

Do I need to be a Professional Photographer?

PhotoJobz has no such rule. Most of the business small or big is coming online. And they need Photos to promote their product and services. Also for their blogs, websites, social media and advertisement. There is always someone who is looking for just the picture you have and Photojobz connect you to them.

Do I need a professional camera for this?

No, you don’t. although having a good camera will be best but you can also take pics using your smartphone. Today’s smartphones are smart enough to to take amazing pics.

How much I can Earn?

There is no limit on how much you can earn. If you really love taking pictures and you are good at it, then you can ear as much as you want.

How much I get for a picture?

You can get from a few dollars to a few hundred or even thousands of dollars. It depends on the quality of the picture and the need of the customer.

What happens if I do not get a sell?

PhotoJobz is very confident o there service. Either you will get sells or they will refund your money.

Which types of Picture I can Sell?

you can sell all kind of pictures.